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Material Distribution Services

May 1, 2024

Expand your reach with ARDH Collective’s Material Distribution Services. Whether you’re looking to distribute sustainable building materials or innovative industrial components, our extensive network and expertise ensure your products find their market. We partner with manufacturers and suppliers to streamline distribution processes, enhancing market penetration and driving growth.

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Plasticised: Navigating our plastic ridden planet.
June 2, 2024

Plasticised: Navigating our plastic ridden planet.

You and I, both as a consumer and designer are inhabitants of a ‘plasticised’ world. Plastic and its fragments are omnipresent, it is embedded in the products we use and is traveling into the bodies of marine life and our bodies as well, by rapidly rising through the food chain (Seltenrich, 2015). Plastic symbolises theContinue reading “Plasticised: Navigating our plastic ridden planet.”