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Case study

Expo 2020 Building Blocks Dice Set
Nordic Rebels, Nordic Council of Ministers, Swedish Pavilion
It's Roasted
Custom Block Production, UV Printing, Clear Coating, Packaging Production
End-to-End Manufacturing

Introducing ‘Building Blocks for Holistic Care,’ a captivating dice game crafted by the skilled artisans of ARDH Collective in the Emirates, commissioned by the Nordic Rebels. 


This bespoke game was meticulously designed to complement a VIP gift set for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ event at the Swedish pavilion during Expo 2020. As a co-creation game, it serves as a catalyst for envisioning the future of healthcare and social strategy. 


Each set comprises 15 finely crafted 5cm x 5cm cubes, expertly UV printed in vibrant colors and texts. The accompanying box, thoughtfully manufactured by ARDH Collective using a blend of wrapped cardboard and matte paper provides a stylish and functional housing for the dice and rule card. This project stands as a testament to the power of cross-cultural collaboration and sustainable innovation, embodying our commitment to excellence in design and craftsmanship.

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