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Case study

COP28 World Leaders Pins & Tables
People Group, COP 28, Asateer.
It's Roasted
Custom Sheet Production, CNC Routing.

ARDH Collective had the honour of supplying DATEFORM’s It’s Roasted to Asateer and People Group in order to create these bespoke pins and coffee tables to be utilised by esteemed world leaders at COP 28. 


The finely crafted pins were made out of DATEFORM – It’s Roasted combined with Mother of Pearl powder sourced by Asateer, after which they were UV printed with the COP 28 graphic. The tables were crafted using 5mm DATEFORM sheets mounted on 18mm Russian Birch Plywood.


This milestone at COP28 UAE represents more than just an achievement for ARDH Collective; it signifies a leap forward for sustainable innovation in the UAE. It highlights our dedication to not only preserving our heritage but also embedding sustainability into the core of our operations and future outlook. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to People Group and ASATEER and the COP 28 team, whose support has been vital in utilising our materials to craft these beautiful, sustainable products. Together we are writing a new narrative for sustainable living, both in the UAE and globally.

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