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Case study

Al Shedad Stool
House of Artisans
It's Roasted
Custom Sheet Production
Type of service
End to End

‘Al Shedad’ is a unique interior design piece, thoughtfully designed by House of Artisans, manufactured by Make Abu Dhabi, whilst using ARDH Collective’s revolutionary date seed based solid surface material, DATEFORM’s It’s Roasted as one of its primary elements. 


The stool is a piece that draws inspiration from practical and functional seating used by Bedouin nomads during their journeys across the desert. The striking furniture piece pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates and also the sustainable materials born out of locally sourced raw materials and traditional Bedouin techniques. 


The design of “Al Shedad” is a testament to the House of Artisans’ commitment to preserving traditional Emirati handicrafts while embracing sustainable methods. DATEFORM is seamlessly integrated into the seat design and acts as an anchoring and bordering element in the design. This project is not only a testament to the invaluable raw materials available in the United Arab Emirates but also to the innovative ways of incorporating and utilising these traditional techniques into modern designs.

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