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Case study

Terra Tables
Terra Eatery & BONE Studio
It's Roasted - DATEFORM
Custom Sheet Production, CNC Routing, Woodworking, Varnishing.
End-to-End Manufacturing

The Terra Tables project was designed by BONE Studio and finely crafted by¬† ARDH Collective, shaping the interior design of Terra Eatery in Dubai. Our team at ARDH Collective took charge of manufacturing the DATEFORM’s It’s Roasted tables, infusing each piece with meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design, enhancing the ambiance of Terra Eatery with sustainable sophistication.


We crafted large 6-seater tables using large scale DATEFORM It’s Roasted sheets, skillfully mounted on wood to accentuate and harmonize with the interior design of the space.


The table serves as a haven for connection, where individuals gather to savor delectable cuisine and forge meaningful bonds. We take immense pride in featuring DATEFORM’s It’s Roasted, a material deeply rooted in our culture, which seamlessly complements the ethos of unity and enjoyment permeating throughout this vibrant setting.

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