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Case study

From the Dunes & Trees
Dubai Culture
It's Roasted - DATEFORM & DuneCrete (Formerly 'RAMEL')
Custom Mold Creation, Custom Concrete Brick Casting, CNC Routing, UV Printing.
Custom Architectural Design & Build

From the Dunes & Trees was ARDH Collective’s first installation, commissioned by Dubai Culture and built using our revolutionary desert sand-based concrete DuneCrete (formerly known as ‘RAMEL’) and date-seed based solid surface material DATEFORM – It’s Roasted.


The form of the exhibit was inspired by the circular life cycle of the material solutions that we have to offer. Low-lying structures, void forms and shadow play were all inspired by Emirati building techniques and architecture. The space itself is designed to celebrate the Emirates’ remarkable history in building techniques and its deeply rooted culture in the deserts and agricultural landscapes, by envisioning this through sustainable and future-forward materials.


DuneCrete hollow blocks were meticulously casted alongside large-scale It’s Roasted – DATEFORM panels, all made with love in the Emirates by ARDH Collective, seamlessly merging to create a harmonious installation. 

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