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Case study

Bab AlMeelas Door
It's Roasted - DATEFORM x Mother of Pearl Powder (Collaboration with Asateer)
Custom Sheet Production

The Bab AlMeelas Door, a distinctive architectural masterpiece, emerges from the collaborative genius of Asateer and the meticulous craftsmanship of ARDH Collective.  


Inspired by the symbiotic essence of Emirati majlis hospitality and French Salon charm, this artwork epitomizes the seamless union of innovative sustainable materials. 


Made with love in the Emirates and precision-cut using advanced CNC routing techniques incorporated by Asateer, its panels boast a fusion of DATEFORM’s It’s Roasted enhanced with mother of pearl powder, alongside thermoformed wood from France meticulously shaped to mimic the graceful curvature of aged door peels, ingeniously repurposed as door handles. Its captivating design, informed by Emirati architectural heritage, is a testament to the enduring legacy of sustainable innovation and cross-cultural collaboration.

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