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Case study

The Introvert - Design Doha
It's Roasted
Custom Sheet Production

“The Introvert” is an innovative installation and space division solution crafted by Bone in collaboration with ARDH Collective and Metalfabrik for the Doha Design Biennale. This masterpiece features bespoke DATEFORM sheets, meticulously CNC-cut by the skilled artisans at Metalfabrik, and expertly secured to a durable metal substrate.


Designed with versatility in mind, “The Introvert” serves as both a divider and a window, allowing glimpses into adjacent spaces through its thoughtfully designed voids. Its adaptability extends beyond exhibition spaces, making it equally suitable for private environments like homes, retail settings, and offices. Whether gracing the ambiance of a living room or enhancing the functionality of a bustling office, “The Introvert” stands as a testament to versatile design.


Its dynamic nature shines through adjustable angles and seamless mobility, facilitated by precision-engineered hinges and convenient wheels. Effortlessly assembled and disassembled, this system promises adaptability wherever it goes. 


Design Doha (Biennale) marked a significant milestone for us, as it represented our inaugural exhibition in the MENA region outside of the UAE. It was a moment of immense pride as we unveiled our product in another country where date seeds carry profound cultural significance. Additionally, this event provided a platform for us to underscore our unwavering commitment to sustainability, further cementing our dedication to responsible design practices.

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