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RAMEL is a concrete composite that replaces traditional riverbed sand with locally sourced desert sand and partially replaces cement with similar binders resulting in a more environmentally friendly material (low carbon and cost-effective).


The concrete industry is responsible for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions due to the process involved in cement production. Furthermore, riverbed sand, one of concrete's main components, is a diminishing resource and its extraction is damaging to local ecosystems.


Being an alternative mix to traditional concrete, RAMEL can be easily used for a range of different applications. RAMEL Blocks are the world's first desert sand based blocks that have the equal structural integrity to traditional concrete blocks. The size and shape of Ramel Blocks follow industry standards, allowing us to keep shaping the built environment around us, however, with less than half of the environmental impact.

Ramel ARM Pitch-01-min.png
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