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Case study

Among the Pillars
Omar Al Gurg, Modu Method, Vacheron Constantin.
It's Roasted
Custom Sheet Production, Laser Cutting, CNC Routing, Metal Working.
End-to-End Manufacturing

‘Among the Pillars’ is a installation designed by Omar Al Gurg of Modu Method for Vacheron Constantin for their Ramadan 2024 pop up in Dubai. DATEFORM’s “It’s Roasted” was seamlessly integrated into the exhibit, intricately manufactured by ARDH Collective. 


This installation was inspired by the rich tapestry of Arabic/Islamic architecture and the stately Palm tree, which mirror the ‘Less’ential’ theme’s call for simplistic and impactful design. The robust hexagonal pillars, crafted from PlyPalm, represent the deep roots and enduring foundations of the region’s heritage. Meanwhile, DATEFORM breathes new life into date seeds, transforming them into a beautiful interior design element. This material, embodying the traditions of Ramadan, serves as the art piece’s captivating backdrop.


DATEFORM panels served a multifaceted purpose, gracing both the backdrops and backing of the watch display cases with their elegant presence. Additionally, this versatile material was skillfully incorporated into the base of the display cases, bearing the distinguished Vacheron logo through intricate engraving. DATEFORM was also used to create bespoke gift boxes with metal inlays in the shape of the Vacheron Constantin logo, all meticulously manufactured by ARDH Collective in the Emirates, showcasing our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and innovation.

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