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Case study

From Seeds to Trees - Wall Art
MAD Dubai Mall Store (Gulf Marketing Group)
It's Roasted
Laser Cutting, CNC Routing, Custom Mold Creation.
End-to-End Manufacturing

‘From Seeds to Trees’ is ARDH Collective’s first commercial application at the M-A-D store in Dubai Mall. 


M-A-D (Make a Difference) is a sportswear retailer aimed at the next-gen of fashion and eco-conscious consumers. They are also leading a movement towards fair and forward-thinking fashion through sustainable sportswear. 


Through our collaboration with MAD, we embarked on a journey to design and produce a remarkable 1.7 x 1.7 meter large wall feature, showcasing the transformative power of waste into value, contributing to a more circular economy. This installation, meticulously crafted in the Emirates by ARDH Collective, celebrates sustainability by diverting over 10 kgs of date seeds from landfill, while paying homage to the deep-rooted cultural significance of the palm tree in the UAE. Moreover, the palm serves as a symbol of Dubai’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its pivotal role as a catalyst for positive change.

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