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Case study

Signature Incense Holder
It's Roasted
CNC Routing
Type of service
End-to-End Manufacturing

The Appellation DATEFORM Signature Incense Holder, a distinctive creation in the home decor category, is designed by Appellation and finely crafted by ARDH Collective.


This piece showcases the practical and aesthetic application of DATEFORM’s It’s Roasted, known for its rich scent reminiscent of roasted coffee, which naturally enhances the incense experience.


Made with love in the Emirates and precision-cut using advanced CNC routing techniques, it features a discreet 3mm hole and robust 8mm width ideal for Japanese incense. This incense holder not only elevates daily wellness rituals but also leverages the unique aromatic properties of DATEFORM, marrying functionality with a sensory experience, and demonstrating a sophisticated approach to sustainable design.

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