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Case study

Tile Holder
It's Roasted
Custom Sheet Production, CNC Routing.

Introducing the Ajzal Tile Holder, a distinctive creation crafted in collaboration with Ajzal, conceptualized as part of a prestigious VIP gift for the UAE Supreme Council. 


Designed by Ajzal and expertly manufactured using DATEFORM’s It’s Roasted by ARDH Collective, this holder is a testament to innovation and cultural heritage. The gift comprises two elements: custom mementos made from traditional clay used by Emirati craftsmen, symbolizing the rich cultural heritage, while the sustainable solid surface base, crafted from date seeds sourced from UAE farms, reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility. 


Proudly designed and crafted in the UAE, utilising planet-conscious materials, this project underscores the government’s keen interest in promoting culturally relevant and sustainable innovations.

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