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It's Roasted - DATEFORM Sheet: Where Nature's Beauty Meets Sustainable Design


Experience the unparalleled fusion of nature's raw beauty and the precision of artisan craftsmanship with the It's Roasted - DATEFORM Sheet. Handmade from roasted and pulverized date seeds, every sheet is a testament to sustainable design and impeccable artistry.


Layered Design: A robust 5mm DATEFORM top layer is thoughtfully combined with an 18mm plywood substrate, ensuring durability while preserving the authentic feel of the material.


Genuine UAE Craftsmanship: Handmade with passion and precision in the UAE, each sheet reflects the rich heritage and skilled artistry of our dedicated craftsmen.


Versatile & Durable: Its durability doesn't compromise its elegance. Practical for a myriad of interior applications, it promises longevity alongside style.

Eco-conscious Choice: Crafted using a minimum of 50% waste date seeds, our sheets are not just beautiful but environmentally responsible. Sourced within the UAE, we ensure reduced carbon footprints and promote local sustainability.


Unique Attributes of Authentic Craftsmanship: Anticipate nature's whims and artisanal quirks:

  • Grain Colour Variation: Each sheet boasts a unique grain hue, a testament to nature's diverse palette.

  • Surface Dynamics: Revel in the undulating surface – an intrinsic quality of handmade materials.

  • Nature’s Imprint: Small indentations and pinholes are marks of authenticity, the signature of our hands-on crafting process.


Rediscover Sustainability and Craftsmanship. Transform Your Space with It's Roasted.

It's Roasted - DATEFORM Sheet

  • Nature's Signature: Crafted by hand using natural materials, our It's Roasted - DATEFORM Sheets embrace the beauty of imperfection. Revel in the unique variations, including the size of broken-down date seeds, surface flatness, and the charming presence of small indentations and pinholes.

    Sheet Sensitivity: At ARDH Collective, we celebrate the natural characteristics of our materials. Please note that our sheets are sensitive to temperature and humidity. While we ensure the highest quality, flatness across the length and width of our sheets can vary between 1-10mm due to these natural factors. Sheets may arrive with a slight bow, but rest assured, they have plenty of flex and can be easily fixed flat, allowing you to bring out their full potential in your design projects

  • Flexible Lead Times: At ARDH Collective, our production is demand-driven and tailored to your specific needs. Lead times may vary depending on factors like existing projects and available stock. For a precise estimate, feel free to call us, and we'll provide you with a more accurate lead time. Typically, our lead times range from 1 week to 3 weeks, depending on the quantity and project specifications.

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